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Through the Cradle of Fear, chapters 12 - 15

Hello! This is Mardukthalia, one half of the GREAT BOOK SWAP, reviewing the next section of - dun dun! - Through the Cradle of Fear.


I definitely got the better deal here. I LOVE ridiculous adventure archaeology novels. I just finished Matthew Reilly’s Seven Ancient Wonders/ Six Sacred Stones/ Five Greatest Warriors series, which, for the record, involved breaking a terrorist out of Guantanamo Bay, a supertanker being thrown into a pit of lava by a tsunami, and the hero having an encounter with dead Jesus. THEY WERE THE BEST.

AND NOW THIS! Jackietastic is sat next to me going “OH GOD” over Fifty Shades but I AM DELIGHTED TO BEGIN.

The story so far!: When we left Gabriel, he’d rescued the Damsel and gotten into a barfight and picked himself up a strapping young Greek youth with a motorcycle (HELLOOO) to drive him to the next exposition dump!

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Fifty Shades of Grey, chpts 17 & 18

OK. I’m back. It’s taken some soul-searching, some time spent staring out the window in the rain, and, hell, coming down with viral plague and nearly gouging my eyes out for boredom, but I’m back.

And I have booze this time.

The story so far!: Two people utterly unsuited to have a relationship with ANYONE, let alone each other, just so happened to have the misfortune to meet. Christian needs serious therapy; Anastasia needs some serious sex ed or, fuck, just to read ONE copy of Cosmo. With her friend Kate there to tell what’s right and what’s bullshit.

Anyway, they met, they attempted flirting, there was a lot of creepiness and contract negotiations, and then Christian went and rendered all those contract negotiations pointless by ignoring Anastasia’s wishes and argrekdfgkfsdlkvfd I’m too angry to get into it. Just go and read the last review.

Long story short, their BDSM partnership is begun, and there are are still ten fucking chapters. Not to mention the other two books.

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Fifty Shades of Grey, chapters 15 & 16

The story so far!: Actually, let’s just pretend that all those chapters of contract negotiations never happened, shall we? Let’s focus on the positives about how Christian and Anastasia are both FINALLY ABOUT TO GET IT ON, and -



I’m out of cider.



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Through the Cradle of Fear: THIS JUST GETS BETTER.

Hello, readers!  I am on the flight home and THE SAGA CONTINUES.

Last time, in Through the Cradle of Fear: A chick was kidnapped and Gabriel Hunt has to save her!
This time, in Through the Cradle of Fear: A chick is kidnapped and Gabriel Hunt has to save her!

And it’s only chapter three.


…wait, what?


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Through the Cradle of Fear: Dis gon’ be goood.

Hello, ladies, gentlemen, or whatever,

This update comes to you from 35,000 feet as yours truly journeys to an interview she dearly hopes she doesn’t muck up.  Good vibes are welcomed, as are prayers that potential employers don’t discover this blog until it’s too late.

The poll has closed, and the new Terrible Thing of I Read Terrible Things is:


This worked in my favor, as the smattering of you voted with a  majority for the book I most wanted to read, so, you have my thanks.  And my bow.  And my axe.

Also, since I’m reading this at 35.000 feet, I am doing this sober.  So.  We’ll see how this goes.

Without further procrastination, I present unto you: Hunt: THROUGH THE CRADLE OF FEAR.


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