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THUNDER MOON, parte deux

Last time in Almost But Not Quite Full Moon, Sheriff Grace i’vealreadyforgottenherlastname has forbidden feelings for Ian the Indian and very confusing interactions, they bang a bit, and they’ve discovered a corpse with no heart (probably unrelated to the banging).

The fact that I spent that much time on that last post and I could sum it up in one sentence is kind of depressing. 

In any case.  ON WITH THE STORY:

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Alright, I’m starting this one sans-alcohol because I’m going to go out for drinks in a bit and if I mix liquors everything starts getting weird for me. Also, quite frankly, I’m actually at a level of poor where I can’t really afford to buy wine for each trashy novel I find.

Really, I’ll be the only one suffering from the lack of wine because *I’ll* be the one having to read this sober.

So, without further ado:

Thunder Moon, by Lori Handeland ($1 at Powell’s).

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